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Cardboard Recycling Waste Management Service

Cardboard and paper often represent the largest volume of waste produced by a manufacturer. Handled correctly, cardboard recycling can provide a valuable source of income. Whether you are baling cardboard and looking for the best value, or you are looking for ways of managing the cardboard and paper you produce more effectively, we can help you.

Our team of experienced Account Managers have significant expertise in cardboard recycling management and are on hand to advise you on the optimal way to segregate your cardboard and paper at source, in order to produce a quality product that can achieve the best value for you. The key to maximising the amount of material you can recycle and the value of the material that you do recycle, is getting the segregation and infrastructure correct. Mobius can support you with relevant training and cardboard recycling bins. Once the card and paper is in the desired format, we will organise the cardboard recycling collection and all onward movement to get the best value for you.

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