Waste Management Services

Commercial waste management and trade waste management is so much more than collecting and disposing of waste. We offer a holistic waste management service and partner incredibly closely with our customers; taking the time to understand the processes involved in creating waste, the environmental goals they have set themselves and the challenges they face.

For us, professional waste management and commercial waste services are so much more than simply maintaining the status quo. We help our customers continually improve their environmental and financial performance.


Responsibly minimise waste


Valuably repurpose waste


Sustainably manage waste


Commercially optimise waste

Trade Waste Management

Mobius will optimise your business waste management and recycling management, seeking the best value or least cost for the waste you produce.

The Mobius system acts to continually improve upon how your waste is being managed. Essentially, it is a simple yet continuous loop.

Expert Assessment

We start by understanding your business, your current waste production and management methods, as well as your waste goals and objectives.

Rigorous Plan

As food manufacture waste management specialists, we draw upon all our expertise to create a rigorous plan to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and deliver Results.

Seamless Delivery

Our dedicated account management team ensure a seamless transition and mobilisation, taking responsibility to educate and train your staff

Onward Partnership

We're dedicated to building long-standing relationships based on integrity, transparency & shared accountability to continually improve the management of your waste.

Our service is inclusive of all waste types; dry, liquid and hazardous. As commercial waste management specialists for the food industry, we have the expertise and flexibility to derive the very best value from the waste and co-products that are produced in the greatest volumes.
Whether that be:

  • Presenting co-products in a way that allows them to be safely used as an animal feed.
  • Creating routes to the bio-fuel markets for co-products such as vegetable oil and foods containing animal by-products that are not suitable for animal feed
  • Processing cardboard and plastics in the optimal format to derive the very best value from recyclers
  • Secure destruction and disposal of retail-ready, branded products

Making food is a continuous process and can’t be interrupted by poor service. Having worked in this industry for many decades we know that response rate is crucial. That’s why we place so much emphasis on customer service and making sure we are prepared for when we are most needed.

Managing waste effectively must also mean managing compliantly. Compliance is key. This is why we have built our online customer portal to present our customer’s compliance to the expectation of BRC. The customer portal displays all of your duty of care waste transfer notes in a simple format and provides transparency over where your waste is going.


As food manufacture waste specialists, we manage a wide variety of different wastes, however much of it can be placed into 4 key waste categories.

Fats & Oils
Food & Co-Products
Paper & Card
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