Bread Bakery Cooking Oil Waste Management


Working in partnership with one of the UKs largest producers of flatbreads, wraps and naan breads, we identified that the business was spending a huge amount of money on drain cleaning and effluent services. Having significant experience with bakeries across the UK and knowing the impacts of cooking oil waste management, this cost seemed far greater than would usually be expected or necessary.


Mobius looked into the types of service that were being undertaken and the reasons behind them. On investigation it was evident that the water discharge was heavily contaminated with vegetable oils which were not only causing a problem blocking drains, they were also too rich with organic matter to be discharged. The significant spend was therefore necessary to prevent both the blockages occurring and the release of water to the main drains.

Experts in cooking oil waste management and cooking oil waste recycling, Mobius set about introducing a fat and oil scrubbing system that would treat the water from the factory to remove the fats and oils, thus cleaning the water and allowing it to be discharged.


The total cost of managing the liquid wastes from the bakery fell by 52% in one year and by a further 43% after the second year. In total the site has saved £21,125 in liquid waste disposal costs in two years. The tonnage of liquid waste disposed per year as effluent has fallen from 210 tonnes to only 63 tonnes. Added to this, the factory is now earning several thousand pounds per year from the recovered vegetable oil.

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