Healthy Snacks Company Waste Management


A new customer for Mobius, manufacturing healthy snacks, had recently changed ownership and moved to a brand-new facility. The factory was struggling for control of their waste production and needed an experienced food waste management partner.


Mobius identified the major outputs from the factory. Food co-product and cardboard waste was being produced in high volumes, but they were not being segregated at source.

We put in place a host of appropriate food waste services, even utilising the customer’s own compactor, which we modified to make it suitable for compacting the food co-products.

The cardboard produced by the factory was a uniform box, produced in high quantities. Mobius put in a reuse program, flat-packing the boxes and sending to a reseller of cardboard boxes.


The factory now provides 10 tonnes of co-product for use as animal feed each week and many thousands of cardboard boxes are reused each month.

From a baseline of 100% disposal, the factory has now effectively prevented the production of 70% of its previous waste tonnage. This provided significant value for the business with zero outlay on equipment.

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