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As a specialist food waste business, Mobius was brought in to help a large, European bakery that was building its first UK-based factory. The challenge was to design a food waste management system that could evolve as the business grew. The expectation was for fast growth and large amounts of waste during the commissioning of new equipment.


Unlike typical food waste recycling companies, we conducted a thorough audit of the facility and all waste points. We conducted careful assessment of the recycling potential of the waste products, ranging from the different co-products, such as baked product and unbaked dough, through to cardboards and plastics.

The co-products were identified as the most significant waste product, with the potential to cause disruption to production if not handled effectively and removed in a timely manner. Familiar with bakery waste service, we installed SugaTrak, our real-time waste-tracking software, alongside automated dough and bread tipping systems that fed into purpose-built containers. With the SugaRich Group being a collection of food waste businesses, our sister company SugaRich, provided the food waste collections and subsequent animal feed reprocessing for all valuable co-products, which AB Nutrition marketed to UK livestock.

Cardboard, plastic and canteen-based segregation systems were put in place to maximise the recycling throughout the factory.


The factory today is preventing the production of waste through providing circa 60 tonnes of food for animal feed each month. This animal feed accounts for 80% of the waste output from the factory and creates over £5,000 worth of revenue for the business each month.

89% of the waste produced by the factory is either recycled or prevented from becoming waste. These statistics show the true power and value of working with specialist food and waste recycling businesses.

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